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About Us

The Intercultural Linguistic Collective is a project that was born in Mexico City from the need to study and learn foreign languages in an environment that is as close to the present and the needs of the 21st century as possible. This is, we not only dedicate ourselves to the study and learning of languages from the grammatical and communicative point of view, but also from a cultural awareness that gives way to exchange, respect, and as a consequence, generates good
bonds in our community.

Our goal is that both the teacher and the student, each from their trenches, are capable of being a human being with good linguistic skills, sensitive and respectful of their origin and that of others, and capable of forming better human
relationships, that is, a good citizen of the world for today.


As a student, welcome to a new alternative to learn and practice languages without rigid methods and integrating your own experience with what you are about to learn.

As a teacher, it is a pleasure, colleague, that you are here. We are certain that you are also convinced that through education we contribute enormously to our society. 

As a reader in general, curious about foreign languages and even like you who are starting to teach, feel welcome as well, we are sure that we will go shoulder to shoulder with a common goal: to satisfy a little our curiosity about teaching learning, although then we fall into new questions.


Welcome everyone, we are sure that through our project the experience of studying and teaching languages will not be the same from now on.

Here new ideas begin.

Our team

Yaz Najera

Yaz has a degree in Modern English Languages and Literature.
Cultural promoter and language teacher for 15 years.
Translator, interpreter, writer; teacher trainer.
Creator of the CLIC teaching method.
Passionate about cheese, chocolate, and coffee. 
Tour guide and marathoner.
Art, music, and design.


Fer Guerrero

Fer is the digital manager of the web page.
Graduated with a Bachelor of English Teaching.
20 years of experience as a teacher.
Academic material designer.
Lover of good food.
Runner in spare time.
Science and Technology.

Our contributors

Eduardo Arroyo

Simple tastes, he likes to travel and culture.
He enjoys history, art, dance, generous listening, and supporting his family and friends.

Sports player; always eager to try any food.
Photographer and Civil Engineer.

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Belén Medina

Belén has a degree in Graphic Design.

She loves to paint, sing, dance, and enjoy the beach and the sun. 
Creator of "Maderitas qué curioso".
She is a mom, an entrepreneur, and hates cooking.
Design, colors, brushes, and wood.
Proudly Yucatecan.

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