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Our workshops are a space for participation, bonding, communication and reflection, that is, a place of production through languages. The objective of our activities is to induce oral discussion, the exchange of written ideas and reading opinions, doing two jobs at the same time: practicing the foreign language and promoting interculturality, an activity that represents us.

We understand that the level of the foreign language can be a factor for such activities, however, what we also promote in the workshops is that learning occurs through experience, since learning by seeing and doing is really formative, nurturing and invigorating that simple verbal repetition. In this space, the teacher is an advisor who will help you learn, and you as a student will develop skills that make you autonomous in order to propel you into the world that awaits you.

Próximos Talleres

Speaking Basico entre semana, clase de i

Básico - Intermedio

Taller de conversación avanzado 1, clase




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